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Scientific Services

The majority of our clients comprise academics ,researchers, university departments and universities. We provide translations for academics at national and international universities to publish their scientific studies in peer reviewed journals indexed in various international databases,  at events including conferences, symposia, seminars and congresses. We are capable of translating all kinds of written scientific materials including books, peer review reports, essays, lecture notes,  and all kinds of correspondences, etc.

Additionally, we present proofreading and editing services for scientific/academic texts for both English and Turkish. Please see our Proofreading & Editing page for more information and details. 

We provide editing and proofreading services that surpass the basic grammar and reviews of many other proofreading service providers and provide the requirements of academics and students in particular. Our proficient editors have the skills to evaluate and edit your manuscripts in accordance with the language and terminology requirements unique to your area of study.

For you to track the editing on your papers, we use the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Office Word. We have other change-tracking mechanisms available for PDF files.

  •  Terminology and vocabulary
  • Academic writing style
  • Redundancies, repetitions and unecessary wordiness 
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Special language variance requests (USA, UK, Canada, etc.)

English Native-speaker editing/proofreading

For the editing and proofreading of the texts written in English or translated to English, we work with English native-speaking editors and proofreaders who have academic qualifications and experience from leading British and American universities.

Turkish Native-speaker editing/proofreading

As qualified and experienced professionals, we provide Turkish editing and proofreading services of the highest quality for texts in a wide range of areas and subjects including academics/science, medicine, law, commerce, technology, etc.


Edit Translation provides medical translation services by specialized translators who have academic qualifications in medicine, pharmacology, bio-engineering and biomedical engineering. Medical translation services and some of the types of documents translated are listed below:

  • Medical Literature and Patient Reports
  • License and Certification Files
  • Drug Short Product Information and User Instructions
  • GMP & GAP certifications
  • Letter of access documents
  • Analysis Certificates and Specifications
  • Medical Device User Manuals
  • Epicrisis report
  • Training materials for doctors and patients

We also have the privilege to notarize any kind of medical and pharmaceutical documents if and when necessary.


We provide Manufacturing and Engineering translation services for a wide range of high profile organisations in this sector.

We work with certified technical document translators with expertise who truly understand these issues.

We provide technical translation services for documents including;

  • Engineering specifications
  • Operating Manuals
  • Bill of Materials Patents
  • Presentations
  • Catalogs
  • Safety Manuals     
  • Installation Manuals
  • Training Materials
  • Technical Proposals
  • User Guides
  • Internet sites with technical contents



We have extensive experience working with well known media organizations and agencies for the translation of various media contents from press releases and news articles to multimedia specs and digital content. Having worked with multinational companies.

We are also able to provide subtitiling, voiceover and other related services with our professional voiceover artists and professional recording audio equipment.

The following are some of the media related documents we typically translate:

  • Digital Content
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • News Articles
  • TV and Radio Reports



We provide the highest quality of website localisation services linguistically optimised in accordance with the requirements of the market especially in Turkey. We prepare your Turkish version of your website not only by means of sole translation but utilising a market research and apply the best terminology and presentation in order to maximise the efficacy of your Turkish website.

We also globalise your local web content in the best way in accordance with the requirements of the global market. We can also provide additional native speaking editing service to perfect the written content of the English version of your website.



We work with experienced lawyers and attorneys who also work as translators specialized in the translation of legal documents. The legal texts we translate use the correct legal terminology. We additionally consult attorneys at law for the compliance of the translated texts especially with Turkish Law linguistic dynamics, style, readability, and coherency.
Additionally, we have the privilege to notarize the translated documents when necessary. We can also provide notarization services if and when so requested.

Our legal translation services include;

  • Administrative documents
  • Power of attorney documents
  • Court documents
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Birth and Death certificates
  • Identity cards
  • Passports
  • Driving licenses
  • Diplomas
  • Business papers
  • Divorce papers
  • Expert reports
  • Intellectual property
  • Legislation
  • Marriage license
  • Payment and execution orders
  • Petitions
  • Patent applications
  • Regulations
  • Tender documents
  • Transcripts



Software localization can be basically defined as transferring the intent of the original content  from one language to another and also maintaining its usability.

Please contact us at  for more information on the context of our localization services





We provide skilled and experienced consecutive interpreters for your events such as:

  • Academic meetings, symposia, congresses, presentations
  • business meetings and visits, interviews etc.
  • Turkish courts and Notary Publics
  • Business fairs or exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Training and education programs

For your interpreting needs please contact us at .